Rest In Peace Legendary CNN Executive

Ted Piro Roda - CNN

News producer David Bohrman worked for multiple networks throughout his career including ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and Current TV, but he is best known for the contributions he made at CNN.

Bohrman created multiple TV shows while he was at CNN, including “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” and “State of the Union,” but the innovative changes he made to the way CNN covered elections was even more impressive. First of all, it was Bohrman’s idea to cover elections directly from political party conventions. Even more impressive, he came up with the idea for the “Magic Wall.”

Back in 2004 when touchscreen technology was still very new, Bohrman had the idea to create a screen or “Magic Wall” that would give up to the minute details about voting. Today, it’s almost impossible to think about election coverage without thinking about the “Magic Wall.”

Unfortunately, Bohrman will not be creating any new TV shows or coming up with any more innovative ideas for election coverage. His family announced via a statement that Bohrman has died due to complications following hip surgery. He was 69 years old when he breathed his last breath on Sunday June 25, 2023.

In a statement, a CNN spokesperson said, “David was a CNN institution, a leader and innovator who mentored many through decades in television news.” The statement continues, “His impact at CNN lives on in our programming and his passion for news will be felt in our halls every day.”

Before his death, Bohrman was the Washington bureau chief and senior vice president at CNN. He had worked for the network since 1998, and had worked his way up in the company through the years.

In a statement from CNN, news anchor John King said, “David was a risk taker who every day wanted to find a better way to tell or show the story. His decision to take then just emerging touch-screen technology and integrate into our 2008 election coverage was nothing short of revolutionary.” King continued, “And it wasn’t just cutting edge technology. David turned an old bus into a rolling television studio, bringing our political coverage into every corner of America. He made us better.”

Bohrman is survived by his wife, Catherine, his son Harrison, his daughter Amber, and his granddaughters Paige and Sloan.

Rest in peace.