While The Bride Usually Gets All The Attention, This Ring Bearer’s Entrance Stole The Show

Image of ring bearerMatt Hronick via YouTube

Weddings are always some of the best parties. Not only do you get to celebrate the love of two of your good friends or family, you get to eat a good meal, drink a few glasses of wine, and dance all night long. What could be better?

Getting to witness adorable kids in the action too, that’s what!

Some people choose to have a kid-free wedding, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we can’t help but think little ones can add such a fun vibe to the day.

Take for example these two little kids who tore up the dance floor with their ballroom dancing skills. They were amazing and totally stole the show!

Or how about all these adorable pictures of funny kids at weddings? Whether it’s a ring bearer who lies down during the ceremony out of boredom, a flower girl who flashes her undies while the bride and groom say vows, or the one photo bombing the photographer, these photos show that kids have a way of making light out of every situation.

And if you like cute kids at weddings, then you’re going to love this video that one guest took at a wedding. The video has racked up nearly 260,00 views on YouTube, and for good reason.

The video begins with an adorable girl-boy pairing walking down the aisle. The little boy spots his mom in the seats (whose trying to direct him to keep walking through giggles) and tries to say hi to her.

It was pretty darn cute, but wait until you see what his little brother does.

The little toddler emerges from the back of the church after the first pair get to the front. He’s dressed in the cutest little tuxedo and black top hat, boutonniere in place, and looking like a truly dapper 2-year-old.

As he begins walking down the aisle, everyone smiles and waves to him, because, duh, he’s the cutest little thing.

Well, the little boy found a lot of humor in all the attention he was getting. He begins to laugh hysterically and saunter down the aisle like he’s about to perform an incredible circus act!

He even takes his top hat off, spouting out all sorts of toddler-esque noises, before running to meet his brother at the front of the aisle.

It’s truly one of the cutest moments we’ve ever seen at a wedding. And everyone who has watched the video thinks so too!

“Aww that little baby ring bearer was soo cute,” someone commented.

“Looks like he running for a touchdown. YEAH. So cute,” someone else wrote.

Some people imagined what the little tyke was thinking: “Hey the party has arrived…screw this hat.”

Some people had questions: “What is he smoking…Lol.”

And our personal favorite comment that we couldn’t agree with more: “Like that drunk uncle, who crashes your party.” Pretty much!

To see the hilarious ring bearer moment, check out the video below!

What do you think of this adorable ring bearer? What kinds of funny kids have you seen at weddings that have stolen the show?