People Are Going Wild Over Rihanna’s Sexy Maternity Wear

Maternity fashion has changed a lot over the years, and it still varies greatly from person to person. For example, while one woman might feel comfortable wearing a form-fitting dress or shirt that accentuates her growing belly, another woman might feel more comfortable in the baggiest t-shirt she can find.

Rihanna is embracing her pregnancy and her ever-changing pregnant body. She is definitely not one to cover up her belly or try to minimize it in any way. Instead, she told PEOPLE, “I’m enjoying not having to worry about covering up my tummy. If I feel a little chubby, it’s like, whatever! It’s a baby!”

In January, the singer showed off her baby bump while walking through Harlem with her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky. She wore a pink coat that she left open to expose her growing baby bump.

Then in February, Rihanna showed off her baby bump again in a shredded halter top that she wore to the Fenty Beauty Universe Event. She explained that she’s having “fun” with her maternity fashion, but she admitted that it is also “a challenge.” Overall though, Rihanna is “enjoying” playing with fashion at this time in her life.

Rihanna is attending Paris Fashion Week, and she displayed another maternity look that you probably won’t find too many moms-to-be sporting out in public just yet. Her sexist maternity look yet featured a sheer dress. Underneath, she wore a black thong and a black bralette.

If the sheer look left her feeling chilly, not to worry. She had a long black coat to top off the look.

While many people praised her unconventional maternity fashion choice, some fans thought she should wear more clothes.

Then there were the fans that pointed out that Rihanna has a lingerie line and is at a fashion show. Sounds like she’s not just showing off her belly but also showing off her brand of lingerie.

What do you think of Rihanna’s maternity fashion looks? Do you think she will inspire other pregnant women to show off their baby bumps?