13 Women Share the Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Heard Men Say About Their Bodies

creatista via Deposit Photos

Men and women differ in many ways—the way they think, the way they act, the way they have absolutely no idea what goes on in a woman’s body

One woman on Twitter with the handle @brownandbella asked other women to share the most ridiculous things they’ve heard men say about “sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc.”—“let’s laugh at these dummies together!’ she added.

Oh, we’re laughing. Thousands of women shared their responses, and the answers are absolutely hilarious. Here are 15 of the top ones (Spoiler alert: Lots of period confusion!):

  1. What Periods Really Are

  2. A Different Form of Birth Control

  3. Why Thigh Gaps Happen

  4. The Differences in Pads

  5. Where Fallopian Tubes Are Located

  6. How Tampons Work

  7. How Checkups Are Done

  8. Why This Period Symptom is False

  9. Why We’re Not Used to Cramps By Now

  10. Where Period Pills Go

  11. Why Allergies Occur

  12. How to Get Good Grades

  13. Birth Comparisons

What about you—what would you say is the dumbest thing a man has ever retorted about a woman’s body?