19 of the Most Ridiculous Real Estate Agent Fails Shared Online

@badrealestatepics via Instagram

To the untrained eye, it can appear that being a real estate agent is an easy job. While we don’t have first hand experience in the real estate industry, we have friends who do, and the stories they tell make it clear that the business of helping people buy and sell property definitely has its challenges.

All you have to do to see how challenging a real estate agent‘s job can be is to look at enough listings. Some homeowners are determined not to change very odd things about their homes before they sell. This can make for some pretty creative listings where real estate agents have to try to make something extremely unusual sound appealing. A good real estate agent has to help potential buyers see past the odd quirks of a home. After all, many things can be fixed with a little remodeling.

The Instagram account @badrealestatepics is a great place to see the challenges real estate agents face. Many of the photos have us laughing and thankful for how normal our home is in comparison. Just think – if these are the best photos a real estate agent had available to try to sell a home there might be even worse problems that the real estate agent decided not to share.

Some of the photos on this site were clearly not shared on real estate sites with potential buyers, but they’re sure to see them when take a tour. Many people most likely walked away quickly crossing out these homes from their search.