Retired Woman Embraces Her Greys and Gets An Incredible Makeover

Sooner or later we will all reach the point when we notice our first grey hair. One day we’ll be standing in front of the mirror, brushing our hair as usual, when all of a sudden it will happen. We’ll see it. A hair that doesn’t look like the other hair. Often grey hair is not only grey, but even the texture is different.

So, what do you do when you see your first grey hair? You can scream. But what about after that? If it’s seriously just one, or even two, you can probably ignore it. You’ll probably be the only one who knows that it’s there. Or, you can cut it super short so that you don’t even see it. It will grow back though. You could even pull it out. No, pulling out a grey hair will not cause more hair to turn grey.

But, what about when a lot of your hair starts to turn grey? One option is to dye it. You could start with highlights to cover the grey as it comes in. Of course, that means you’ll also have to keep up with dying the roots on a regular basis.

A more low-maintenance option is to do nothing and let nature take its course. Of course, your current go-to hairstyle might not look as cute as it used to when the color changes to grey. If you choose to keep the natural color, it could be a great time to treat yourself to a new haircut or even a full makeover.

Carol is from Wisconsin. She’s in her 70s, and she’s retired. She takes care of her grandkids and wants a pretty low maintenance hairstyle. She’s been embracing her grey hair, but she wanted a new style so badly that she drove over 5 hours to let the Makeover Guy work his magic.

Christopher, also known as The Makeover Guy, didn’t dye her hair. He left it grey. It’s almost hard to believe how different Carol looks now considering her hair is still grey. Like, we’re not sure that her grandkids will even recognize her until they hear her voice.

The makeup and the hairstyle really transformed Carol’s look. Instead of an outdated style that she’s probably had forever, she looks spunky and younger, yes, younger, even with grey hair.

Watch the video below to see this amazing transformation for yourself.

Would you recognize Carol if you were one of her friends and saw her for the first time post-makeover? Does this video make you feel more confident about embracing grey hair?