Restaurant Server Fired After Group of Good Samaritans Left Her a $4,400 Tip

Grant Wise via GoFundMe

If you have ever worked as a waiter or a waitress at a restaurant, you know that it is not an easy job. You also know that a very large portion of your pay comes from tips.

Grant Wise decided to start a $100 Dinner Club to help restaurant servers. The idea is that a group of people would get together and go to dinner at a restaurant as a large group. They would all agree to leave a $100 tip for the waiter or waitress so that he or she would receive a surprisingly large tip.

Wise told 5 News, that his friend came up with the idea for the $100 Dinner Club last year. came up with this $100 dinner club. He explained, “We knew servers really hit hard through Covid and it was something that he had come up with to help give back.”

Most recently, Wise and his friends visited a restaurant in Arkansas called Olive and Tap. Before visiting the restaurant, he called the restaurant to check and see if they had a policy where servers had to split or pool tips, and he was told they did not. That cleared the way for their plan.

At the restaurant, the group had two servers. Unfortunately, one left before the tip announcement, but when Wise gave the other server, Ryan Brandt, the $4400 tip, he told her he wanted her to split it with the other server. She was in tears of joy and said she planned to use the money to pay her student loans.

Wise posted a video on Instagram of the moment he gave Brandt the tip. He wrote, “Leaving a $4400 tip! I’ll never forget this moment and I hope it inspires more people to host their own $100 Dinner Clubs! Grateful for everyone that helped us leave this tip.”


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Unfortunately, the story didn’t end there. Wise later found out that Brandt had been fired from the restaurant. Apparently, after getting the tip, her boss told her she needed to keep just 20% and give the rest to her manager to be split with the other employees. According to Brandt, she had never been asked to split a tip in the past. In addition, the restaurant claimed Brandt violated the rules when she told Wise about the restaurant’s policy not to split or pool tips.

When Wise found out Brandt had been fired, he started a GoFundMe to help raise money for her so she wouldn’t have to worry over the holidays while looking for a new job. He ended up raising $8,732 before shutting the GoFundMe down when Brandt told him she was able to get another job at a local restaurant.

Wise recently reopened the GoFundMe. He and Brandt agreed that anything raised above the $8,732 amount will be put towards the tip at the next $100 Dinner Club which is expected to take place in January. Wise has also invited Brandt to be the “Guest of Honor” at the next $100 Dinner Club.

In January, it sounds like Wise plans to give a tip big enough to bless everyone working at the restaurant. This time, he doesn’t want splitting the tip to be an issue, and he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. He wrote, “We will be working to ensure through this that all staff in the restaurant are tipped so everyone feels blessed by our dinner.”

How would you react if you received a large unexpected tip? Do you think it was unfair for Brandt’s boss to require her to split the tip when splitting tips was not the restaurant’s policy up until that point? Have you ever given an extra generous tip?