Poll Suggests That Most Unvaccinated Americans Don’t Feel Responsible for Surging Covid Cases

ArturVerkhovetskiy via Deposit Photos

A new Axios-Ipsos poll asked Americans who is responsible for the surge in covid cases. People who are vaccinated tend to blame unvaccinated people for causing the rise in covid cases. In fact, 79% of all vaccinated people who took the poll pointed their finger at unvaccinated people. They also blamed Donald Trump, conservative media and people traveling to the United States from other countries.

Unvaccinated people do not think they are to blame for rising covid cases. Only 10% of unvaccinated people think unvaccinated people are a major reason covid cases are surging. Everyone else blames international travel, the media and Joe Biden.

Are unvaccinated people really to blame for rising covid cases? Although vaccinated people are less likely than unvaccinated people to get very sick or need to be hospitalized if they get covid, the covid vaccine does not provide 100% protection from the delta variant. According to the CDC, vaccinated people, even asymptomatic vaccinated people, may spread covid just as much as unvaccinated people.

Besides asking about who is to blame for the rise in covid cases, the Axios-Ipsos poll also asked a variety of other questions related to covid and how it is effecting the lives of Americans. About 78% of Americans are concerned about the delta variant. Meanwhile 52% of Americans believe returning to normal activities is risky. Vaccinated people are slightly more concerned about returning to normal activities. While 56% of vaccinated people are concerned, only 43% of unvaccinated people are concerned.

About 77% of American adults say they have either gotten vaccinated or plan to get vaccinated. Only 15% of Americans are completely against getting the vaccine. Meanwhile, 59% of parents are on board with vaccinating their children. Only 25% of parents are opposed to vaccinating their children.

Does it surprise you that vaccinated people blame unvaccinated people for the rise in covid cases? Does it surprise you that vaccinated people and unvaccinated people may be equally capable of spreading covid? Why do you think vaccinated people are more concerned than unvaccinated people about returning to normal life?