Photographer Created a Reshoot of Ads From the 1950s For a New Perspective

Eli Rezkallah via Facebook

Life has changed a lot from the 1950’s. Back then, it was common for women to stay home, cook, clean and take care of the kids while the man went to work and paid the bills. Today, it is common for both men and women to work outside the home. Sometimes one parent will choose to stay home to take care of the children, but it’s not always the mom. We know several dads who are stay at home dads.

Ads from the 1950’s would not be acceptable today. Many of them are quite sexist and even insulting towards women. While times have changed, not everyone’s mind has changed.

A photographer named Eli Rezkallah was at Thanksgiving dinner with his family when one of his relatives commented that women need to do their job better. The relative was referring to cooking and cleaning. He was appalled by his relative’s attitude, and it inspired him to create a new photography project.

Rezkallah decided to recreate ads from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s, but he switched the roles of the man and woman in the ads. He posted the original ads next to his recreations on Facebook. Scroll down to see some examples of his work, and to see how much different things were back in the 1950’s.

  1.  An Ad for Leggs


  2.  An Ad for Chase & Sanborn Coffee


  3.  An Ad for LUX Liquid Detergent


  4.  An Ad for Hoover


  5.  An Ad for Hardee’s


  6.  An Ad for Van Heusen


  7.  An Ad for Del Monte Ketchup


  8.  An Ad for Chemstrand


  9.  Another Ad for Leggs


  10.  An Ad for Schiltz Beer