Hate Lugging Around Shampoo Bottles During Travel? Trade Bulky Bottles for This Amazing Product.

Someone’s secret toiletry wishes have been granted in the form of shampoo bars, a convenient and compact hair care product. We have liquid shampoos, dry shampoos, and even the “no shampoo” movement, but do you know about the shampoo bar?

Highly portable for traveling, they meet TSA standards and are easy to pack in between uses. You know how you worry about leaky, bulky liquid bottles during travel? Gone. How about the annoyance of prepping for air travel with their ounce requirements for shampoo and conditioners? Gone too.

Shampoo bars are scoring points with travelers and beauty lovers for a few reasons. Crafted like bar soap, they come in different in scents, shapes, and formulations, and are made to last longer than their liquid sisters.

One of the reasons people are becoming converts is because you get more cleanser for your buck. A single bar can yield 60 to 90 uses. Compare that to your typical bottle and you spend less in the long run.

Most bars are made with concentrated amounts of cleanser which contributes to their lifespan and cleaning power. In addition, little to no sulfates in their formulations make them appealing to people who are prone to dry, frizzy, or product-damaged hair.

Wash your hair with a shampoo bar and you may also notice that your hair retains its natural oils. The bars also tend to contain oils like olive, coconut, or argan, which all help to moisturize your strands. Some folks find they don’t even need to follow up with a conditioner.

Cold-pressed shampoo bars tend to act as moisturizing conditioners, while those made with glycerin or surfactants have more clarifying properties. Concerned about soapy buildup? Depending on your hair type, it is a legitimate concern and some users do an apple cider vinegar rinse on their hair to combat the issue.

But even if they chose to, conditioning bars are also available. Shop around and you can find versions of both products by DIYers on sites like Etsy, or with major brands like Lush, J.R. Liggett’s, or Ethique.

Another bonus? The bars are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Travelers are loving the fact that these can be packed when flying, camping, or for road trips. Since they are soaps, you can also lather up your body with them. One product that does two things!

There you have it. A solution that smells good, won’t spill, and can be tucked away into luggage with no worries. A bit of experimenting will lead you to which bar works best for your hair and wallet, and some of you could wind up replacing your shampoo bottles at home forever in favor of these minis. They last for months!

It doesn’t hurt to try something that will make packing a little easier and your rendezvous with TSA a little smoother, so why not grab a bar for yourself?

Are you already in the know about shampoo bars? Do you love or hate them? Would you take some on your next trip?