Renew Your Wardrobe with These 5 Fashion Challenges

Tired of the same old outfits but trying to restrain yourself by keeping your clothing budget small? Before you go on a shopping bender, challenge yourself to bring new life to your wardrobe using items you already have. You can do any of these challenges alone or get together with your pals and challenge each other.

  1. “Less than $50” Challenge: This challenge actually lets you do a little shopping and is much more fun doing it with friends. Set a price limit, let’s say $50, and try to put together an outfit for under that amount. Hit the clearance racks, second-hand stores, and let the games begin!
  2. “30-Day Remix” Challenge: For this challenge you will take 30 pieces that you already own, including tops, jackets, shoes, scarves, etc. and wear only those items for 30 days. The point here is to learn how to wear an item in a new way. For a pair of jeans you can dress them up or down. A scarf can be worn around your neck or as a belt. Take a picture of yourself in your outfit every day and upload it to a shared website to enlist friends for ideas.
  3. “Shopping Ban” Challenge: Pick a month a ban yourself from shopping. If splurging on fashion is a big weakness for you, then maybe choose the shortest month – February! You may be inspired to really dig deep into your closet and you just might find clothes you forgot you had.
  4. “Week Without” Challenge: Do you always wear jeans? Earth tones? Those Chuck Taylor’s? Choose the color, trend, or piece that you wear too often and take it out of rotation for a week. Your friends are probably all too aware of what you wear too often so let them in on your challenge and have fun watching you get creative.

Try these 5 Fashion Challenges to Mix Up Your Wardrobe & Save Money!