Trick to Removing That Pesky Swiffer Cleaner Cap So You Can Refill It With Your Cleaner of Choice

angelicaboyce via TikTok

We love hacks that make cleaning easy, and we love hacks that save us money. This hack does both.

If you own a Swiffer Wet Jet, you probably bought it because it makes it super easy to clean the floor, and it really does work well. The initial purchase of a Swiffer Wet Jet isn’t all that expensive, but you have to figure in the cost of buying refills of the cleaning solution and replacement cleaning pads. Starting to sound more expensive isn’t it?

Don’t worry. There are easy hacks to replace both the pads and the solution without having to buy the Swiffer brand.

If you own a Swiffer Wet Jet, you might not believe us because, well, Swiffer doesn’t make it easy. They obviously recommend that you use their brand of pads and cleaning solution for “best results,” and to make sure you don’t experiment with other brands of cleaning solution, they make it nearly impossible to refill the cleaning solution bottle that comes with the Wet Jet.

Have you ever tried to twist off the lid off Swiffer cleaning solution? If you’re like us, you gave up after a few attempts. As TikTok user Angelica Boyce explains, the reason it’s nearly impossible is the way the lid is designed. In a recent TikTok, she explained that “there is a hook that catches on a lip so that you cannot twist it off.” Then, she explains how to get the lid off anyway, and it’s actually very easy.

Watch Boyce’s TikTok below to learn how to get the lid off Swiffer’s cleaning solution bottle in just a couple minutes.

@angelicaboyceCLEANING LIFE HACKS BABYY! Also instead of buying pads use an old sock ☺️ ##lifehack ##cleaninghack ##quarantine ##sustainableliving ##savetheplanet #♬ original sound – Angelica Boyce

Now that you know how to get the lid off the cleaning solution, you can use whatever cleaning solution you want, even a homemade version. To save even more money, Boyce recommends diluting whatever floor cleaner you decide to use with water. This will prevent your floors from feeling sticky too.

In the comments, one viewer asked, “Do you know of an option instead of the disposable pads they use? I feel so guilty using them.”

Boyce has a hack for the pads too. She wrote, “You can use micro fiber cloths or even just a fuzzy sock and just wash and reuse.”

Several viewers have commented on Boyce’s TikTok saying that they tried her hack and “it worked amazingly well.”

Do you own a Swiffer Wet Jet? Are you going to try Boyce’s money saving hacks?