Woman Stunned to Learn That Removing That Piece from Deodorant Is a Million Times Easier Than She Thought

@MarieAnnUK via Twitter

Do you ever have an “ah-ha” moment? You know, suddenly having something just magically click in your mind? You could use an item every single day and still not fully understand its function—until one day, bam! It just hits you all of a sudden and you can’t believe you hadn’t known about it all along.

Of course you have. This happens to seemingly everyone at one point or another. One of our favorite incidents of this happening was when one mom who was meal prepping with Glad plastic Tupperware containers discovered that those little circles at the top of the lid are meant to help you prevent soggy meals. (You can read about that epiphany here. Just know you’ll probably never use Tupperware the same.)

Though you might kick yourself for spending so long not understanding a function, it’s also awesome when you finally discover something that could make your life easier.

Well, we have a new discovery from one woman that is going to blow your mind. It certainly blew hers, and her hilarious 15-second video proves that.

It’s about deodorant. Yes, that hygienic stuck that makes you smell good. Hear us out.

You know when you open a new tube and there’s that plastic ditty on the inner lid of your deodorant? Chances are, you’ve fought with that plastic to get it off. Like, really fought with it. You’ve probably even doubted your own muscle mass after literally straining to get that thing off. You may have even tried to bite it off with your teeth (um, we totally have never done that before).

Why the heck is that plastic piece even there? Is it to protect the deodorant from being smashed against the cap? Does it help keep it from sliding around during shipping? Is it just there to cause us grief? No one really knows why manufacturers put it there, but man is it annoying.

Well, prepare to be amazed. Because there’s actually a super simple way to remove that plastic piece on your deodorant, and you don’t have to use all your might (or your teeth for that matter). In fact, no strength is needed at all. If you have fingers, you can get it off!

To learn the hack that’s going to change the way you open a new tube of deodorant, check out the video below.

Poof! Mind blown, right? Did you know you could take off that plastic piece so easily? How do you usually deal with getting that piece off?