Woman Attempts to Force Neighbor to Remove Frog Lawn Decoration That Terrifies Her Daughter

@AITA_reddit via Twitter

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns forced many businesses to close and left many of us looking for simple ways to enjoy time together as a family. Board games, puzzles and binge-watching Netflix can only take up so much time. Sometimes we feel the need to be active.

With gyms closed, many people looked outside and decided to go for a walk or a bike ride. Getting some fresh air close to home can be a pretty relaxing way to spend time together as a family.

Reddit user anonymous28538382348 is one such person who started going on walks with her family during the lockdowns. She shared in a Reddit forum r/AmItheA****** that she, her husband and 6-year-old daughter have been taking about a 2-mile walk through their neighborhood on a daily basis.

Everything was great about the walks until one day a neighbor did something that caused the 6-year-old to refuse to go on a walk ever again. She was scared of a frog statue that the neighbor put in the yard. Anonymous28538382348 wrote, “I find it really creepy and so does my husband. My daughter hates it. She is absolutely terrified of it. Now She refuses to go on walks.”

The concerned mother went to the neighbor’s house to explain that the frog statue was scaring her daughter and to ask them to remove it. When they refused, she went to her next door neighbor who happens to be the vice-president of the HOA. That’s right, there’s an HOA. She encouraged her neighbor to see if the statue was violating any bylaws. It was, so the neighbor is now forced to remove it.

The mom posted on Reddit because her husband thinks going to the HOA board was taking it too far. She disagrees. She wanted to know who was right.

It seems that the husband has won by a landslide. Many, many Reddit users and Twitter users have commented saying that the mom is raising the daughter to be entitled and that she should have just explained to her that some people like different things than other people. For example, one comment reads, “It was just a statue. Explain to your child not to be afraid of it.”

Some comments pointed out that nit-picky rules are why many people don’t want to live in an HOA. “This…is why anyone with sense doesn’t want to live in a neighborhood with an HOA.”

Do you think the mom should have gone to the HOA board about the statue or explained to her daughter that it’s okay to have different taste?