15 Couples Share the Most Remarkable and Unexpected “How We Met” Stories

Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to meet people. Technology has really come a long way since the olden days with dating apps, social media, and the like. However, “back then,” meeting your future spouse had to happen in more…how do we say…creative ways.

One Twitter user with the handle @Coll3enG recently posted about how her grandmother met her grandfather, which is probably the most unexpected place you’d ever think someone could meet their future husband.

“My grandma just asked me if i had a boyfriend and i was like ‘no’ and she was like ‘well i went to a random funeral because i was bored and that’s how i met your grandfather’ ??????” she posted.

The post has nearly 800k likes and 60k retweets. But the best part of all is that the tweet prompted people to post their own stories about how their grandparents or parents met each other. Some of the stories are too good—you won’t believe them until you hear them!

Below are some of our favorites—from the funny to the heartwarming to the truly fate-like—but be sure to check out the thread for yourself, too.

Do you have a crazy story about how one couple in your life met each other?