Guy Wants to Know If He’s in the Wrong for Refusing to Cook For a Vegan Friend at Dinner Parties

monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

What if someone invited you over for dinner—but that person refused to cook food that met your dietary restrictions?

One man asked the Reddit world if he was wrong to not cook vegan food for a vegan friend that he invited over for dinner.

In the post, he explained that he and his wife enjoy regularly hosting dinner parties for a group of around six people. However, one of the friends in this group, James, recently started dating a new girl named Sarah, who ate strictly vegan.

“When we first extended her an invitation, we were informed that Sarah was vegan,” the man wrote. “I thanked James for letting us know and said she was more than welcome to bring her own food so she would have something to eat. He agreed, and the two of them have been attending our parties regularly for the past year.”

“Everything was fine,” he continued. “Until now.”

At their most recent get-together, Sarah seemed a bit quiet, and when someone asked her what was wrong, she just shook it off.

“However, after the meal, James took us aside privately and told us that Sarah felt hurt because we never provided any dishes she could eat at our dinners and it seemed like we were deliberately excluding her,” the man wrote.

Even though he had agreed to bring food for Sarah a while ago, at this point, James thought this man was being discourteous by never cooking vegan options. “He added that he thought we were being rude and inconsiderate by not accommodating her, which really pissed me off, and we got into a huge argument over it.”

Even though this man has become friendly with Sarah, he still doesn’t think it’s his responsibility to have to cook to her liking, even though she’s been invited to these dinner parties for a while now.

“I like Sarah very much as a person and I don’t have anything against her dietary choices, but I don’t believe it’s fair to expect us to change our entire menu or make an entirely separate meal for one person, especially when so much time and effort goes into creating these dinners,” he said.

So who’s the jerk here? This man? Or Sarah and James?

The general consensus: He’s probably being pretty rude.

“I could actually understand Original Poste’s side for maybe the first dinner if they were caught a little off-guard by being told she’s vegan. But to exclude her for over a year without making a single vegan-friendly dish is absolutely huge a**hole territory,” someone wrote.

“Seriously, she was a good guest, bringing food without complaint,” someone else commented. “As we do being the parents of a vegetarian. But for an entire year, they couldn’t be bothered to make a single vegan dish for her. Imagine how amazing she would have felt if they’d made an occasional vegan dish to go with their menus, for everyone to have?”

What would you have done in this situation? Who do you think is being more of a jerk?