There’s a Lot of Disagreement About Whether Woman Is the Jerk for Refusing to Pay Half of Boyfriend’s Mortgage After Moving In

fizkes via Deposit Photos

Moving in with your partner can be an exciting time. Finally—you don’t need to pack your toothbrush every time you stay over or feel awkward in a space that simply isn’t yours. Now, you have a place where you two can cohabitate together!

However, that doesn’t mean everything is all fun and games just because you get to live together now. There are some un-sexy things to decide, like how finances will be handled.

Now normally, if you buy a house or begin to rent an apartment together, you’ll split the bill in some way or another, since the place is both equally yours. But what if you simply move in with your partner—to a place they already own? How should finances be handled? Should it rely on your income? Your relationship? What factors are at play here?

For one woman moving in with her boyfriend, she didn’t think paying his mortgage was very fair. The thing is, according to her now-viral Reddit post where she shared her story, she makes 150% of his salary. So she clearly could afford to pay half, but why should she if it’s really his house?

“I told him that that’s a little unfair because if we break up, he gets a house and I’m left with nothing, and that if that’s going to be the case I would rather stay in my apartment,” she explained in the post.

It’s not like she was going to live there without contributing anything. “I told him that I would furnish the entire house and get the groceries, cook and clean, and we’d go half on utilities,” she explained. “But he still insisted that I pay half of the mortgage.”

All in all, the boyfriend isn’t budging. He even called her an a**hole for not wanting to pay half his mortgage and live with him. “My boyfriend is a smart man so I don’t know if he doesn’t see the logic (or lack thereof in my opinion) of what he’s saying or if I’m being dumb and it’s not a big deal,” she said, asking the question of all questions: Is she the jerk in this situation, or is he?

The people of Reddit are divided on this one.

On the one hand, some people think that the boyfriend isn’t seeing eye to eye with her. “Your boyfriend isn’t even interested in figuring out what your reasonable portion of rent would be. He just wants to cash in on your help. He sounds entitled,” someone wrote.

On the other, some think it’s completely fair for him to expect her to pay to live there. “She should pay rent. It’s fair to pay half and half,” someone noted. “When I made 150% more than my bf I paid 60% of the rent and he paid 40% but neither of us owned the place so I don’t think that would be fair in this situation. But she still needs to pay rent or not move in. It sounds entitled to assume you can live with your bf rent free.”

Tell us: Who do you think is in the wrong here?