We Simply Love Watching Reese Witherspoon Embarrass Her Son on TikTok


Don’t you just love it when you discover one of your favorite celebrities on TikTok? Just us? Reese Witherspoon is on TikTok, and we are loving it.

The adorable blond we all know and love from the “Legally Blond” movies has posted multiple videos on the social media video platform, and one of her favorite things to do seems to be embarrassing her son, Deacon, who joins her in several of the videos.

ENews shared a TikTok mash-up on Instagram in which Deacon is showing her some dance moves which he probably regrets doing. Reese is adorable as she tries to copy the dance moves while making up her own moves, but what makes the video priceless is watching her son shake his head “no” in disapproval and motion to whomever is behind the camera to stop recording.


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TikTok. What, like it’s hard? (🎥: @reesewitherspoon)

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Oh parents embarrassing their kids. It’s not new, but celebrities doing it on TikTok for the world to see is new. 

In one video on TikTok, Reese is listening to a song with her son when she gets an idea to make up her own TikTok dance. Deacon is not excited about that idea at all. Although she barely has time to dance in this video, she does bust a few moves. Watch below.

@officialreesetiktokWhen your kid has his first single out! @deacon @🎶💫 ##longrun @ninanesbitt♬ Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt) – Deacon & Nina Nesbitt

Reese posted another video on TikTok a few days later in which she has more moves ready to this song, which she shared she and Deacon have been listening to on repeat.

@officialreesetiktokThe coffee made me do it! 🤣 Have you heard @deacon ’s new song ##longrun? We have it on repeat over here.♬ Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt) – Deacon & Nina Nesbitt

Reese’s followers are loving these hilarious videos. On Instagram, one viewer wrote, “this is me!!! Lol moms trying to dance🤣 both Reece and I know we still got it.”

Another comment reads, “omg i cant take it! i love her so much! hands down coolest mom ever!!!!!”

Although Deacon may not approve of his mom’s dance moves (what son does?), the funny posts don’t seem to be doing any damage to his image.  Back on TikTok, the younger viewers are drooling over Reese’s son leaving comments like, “I would like to marry your son please,” and “u lookin for a daughter in law.”