Experts Share Tips On How to Recognize Counterfeit N-95 Masks

According to Dr. Fauci, because the omicron variant of Covid is so contagious, practically everyone in the United States will end up getting it. If you don’t want to end up getting Covid, it’s time to upgrade your face mask.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we settled for any face mask we could get our hands on. We even tried making face masks ourselves.

As the pandemic has continued, we’ve learned a lot about how to tell if face masks are actually effective or not. The higher quality the face mask, the safer you and everyone around you will be.

While a face mask you will wear is better than no face mask at all, even if it’s a cloth mask, a surgical mask will offer a higher level of protection. Meanwhile, an N-95 mask or a KN95 mask will protect you even more.

According to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the reason the CDC has not recommended that all Americans wear N-95 or KN95 masks is because she knows the masks can be difficult to wear for long periods of time. She doesn’t want Americans to end up not wearing a mask at all because they find the N-95 masks too uncomfortable.

Yet, if you can tolerate wearing an N-95 face mask, that is your safest option. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit N-95 and KN95 masks on the market, including masks you might find online.

Watch the video below to learn how to easily spot the difference between an approved N-95 or KN95 mask and a conterfeit.

Are you going to start wearing N-95 or KN95 face masks? Do you think the CDC should recommend N-95 face masks? What do you think could be done to make it even easier for Americans to spot counterfeit N-95 face masks?