Rebel Wilson Opens Up About How a Vision While She Was Hallucinating Led Her To Pursue Acting

Some people dream of becoming a celebrity. They study acting or music or whatever career it is they want to pursue, and they hope that they will one day be so successful that they will become rich and famous.

Other people don’t dream of becoming a celebrity. They go a more traditional route of studying the subjects they are taking in school and focusing on getting good grades so they can get a good job one day.

Then there are the people who change course later in life and find out they’re best suited for a career that is quite different than what they originally expected. This was the case for Rebel Wilson.

When Wilson was a teenager in high school, she never thought about becoming an actress. She focused on her grades and planned to go to law school. She ended up getting into law school, and although you probably didn’t know it, she is actually a lawyer.

Wilson’s path to acting was an unusual one. It all started when she had a hallucination. She opened up about what inspired her to become an actress on TODAY. She explained, “People thought I was demented.” She didn’t let that stop her. She went on to finish law school and pursue acting.

Watch the video below to hear how a hallucination led Wilson to pursue acting.

It’s easy to see that Wilson made the right decision by pursuing acting. She has certainly had a successful career and proven that she is really good at acting. It’s strange to think that if she hadn’t caught malaria she might be working at a law firm somewhere instead of acting.

Have you ever had a hallucination or a vision that you took seriously and that made you change course in your life? Does it surprise you that Wilson went to law school? Would you have thought Wilson was crazy if she told you she wanted to be an actress after having a hallucination?