Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her Fit Figure in Black Swimsuit in New Beach Photo

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You know how some people say there is no secret to losing weight; the secret is just diet and exercise? Turns out it’s true. If you find a diet and exercise plan that you can stick with long term, you just might discover that you reach your weight and fitness goals.

While one diet and exercise plan might work for one person, it might not work for someone else. For example, we know people who have dropped a lot of weight on a keto diet, but if you know you can’t give up bread and cookies forever, you’ll probably need to do something else.

In January 2020, Rebel Wilson decided that she was going to commit to a year of health. She didn’t let a little thing like a pandemic stand in her way either. The actress dropped an impressive 60 pounds. For her it was more about health than a number on the scale.

Even thought Wilson’s year of health was last year, that doesn’t mean she’s going back to bad habits. Instead, she’s working on maintaining her weight loss and keeping her body healthy.

Before deciding to get healthy, Wilson used to eat a lot of carbs, and she estimates that she ate about 3000 calories each day. Now, Wilson is focusing on eating more protein. She has discovered that she isn’t as hungry when she eats protein instead of 1000s of calories of carbs which never really made her feel full.

Wilson also works out on a regular basis. Sometimes she even exercises 7 days a week. She always hits 10,000 steps a day, but she mixes it up by walking, running or hiking. She also loves boxing, TRX, HIIT workouts and resistance training.

Recently, Wilson shared a swimsuit picture on Instagram, and it’s obvious she’s feeling self-confident and loving her new trim figure. She wrote, “Palm Beach-ing 🏝 I think I wanna move to Florida now.”


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Wilson’s followers are loving her new look. One person wrote, “Unbelievable transformation. Until you’ve gone through one, you truly don’t know how hard it is. Fantastic Rebel. Keep inspiring 🔥👏

Another comment reads, “Wow, so so so so so so so amazing. You deserve to be incredibly proud of your dedication 🔥❤️”

Does Rebel Wilson’s transformation inspire you to try a year of health? Do you think she’ll keep the weight off long term?