19 Before & After Photos of Women Who Are Really Glad They Tried Bangs

theblendedastronaut via Reddit

Sometimes it can be scary to try a different hairstyle than what you’re used to. Whether that means cutting off a lot of hair, dying it another color, or trying out bangs, different can sometimes be very, very good.

Bangs can take more upkeep than other hairstyles, but it can be worth it. Some brave women who were initially not so sure about trying out bangs decided to go for it anyway. It was worth it. They may never go back to their old hairstyle.

Scroll down to see 19 before and after photos of women who are very happy with their new hairstyle which includes bangs.

  1. I did it. I chopped everything off and now rocking a pixie cut. from r/Hair

  2. I took the leap and got my hair cut off! from r/Hair

  3. Got bangs after thinking about it for months! from r/Hair

  4. I have always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it! from r/Hair

  5. Haircut update! (thanks for the advice) from r/femalehairadvice

  6. Decided to give bangs a go. Turned out better than expected. from r/femalehairadvice

  7. I finally got bangs after consistently feeling bad about myself the past few years. I needed a change. Here’s to 2021 and finding my self confidence! from r/Hair

  8. Finally got bangs but I don’t know how to keep it looking like this. Any styling advice? from r/femalehairadvice

  9. I posted a few weeks ago that I cut myself a fringe, the other day I took it a step further and cut it all short and dyed it pink! I’ve pretty much had my hair like the picture on the left my whole life, so it’s a huge change for me but I kinda love it! from r/Hair

  10. Before and after I cut and dyed my own hair last night; not sure if bangs suit me, but that’s ok. from r/Hair

  11. I love my new cut I just HAD to share from r/Hair

  12. how would you describe the haircut on the right? from r/femalehairadvice

  13. Bangs or no bangs? Getting a cut soon and I can’t decide if I want to grow them out or trim them. Thanks for your help :) from r/femalehairadvice

  14. Took the plunge and got the aquamarine hair of my dreams from r/Hair

  15. Before and after from today!! from r/Hair

  16. Decided to switch up my hair for fall! from r/Hair

  17. My cowlick has always been the bane of my existence and deterred me from ever getting a fringe. But I was feeling impulsive yesterday so I grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut myself some bangs anyway. Here’s a before and after, still not sure if it suits me!! from r/Hair

  18. I posted a bit ago about whether or not I can pull off a pixie – I think I can! :D from r/Hair

  19. I got bangs yesterday! Growing a sidecut into a possible shag one day. Thoughts about it looks with my face? Thanks! from r/femalehairadvice