These 9 Photos Demonstrate the Reality Of In-Person Learning Right Now

@gclaytontarvin via Twitter

Every school in every state in every district has to decide the fate of their teachers and students: whether they should do online teaching or in-person. Whichever one the school decides to move forward with looks very different than a typical school day we’re used to.

Teachers who work in a district that requiring them to go back have to keep safety top of mind for their students. Besides the obvious, such as wearing masks, there are lots of other precautions they’re taking.

Here are just some photos that teachers have recently shared their “COVID classrooms” and how they’re keeping students (and themselves) safe if their school is reopening.

  1. Desks Spaced 3 Feet Apart

  2. And Less “Scary” Desks Spaced Apart

  3. All The Soap

  4. “Do Not Cross” Tape

  5. Plastic Barriers for the Teacher’s Desk…

  6. …And For the Students’ Desks

  7. Personalized Masks

  8. Book Protection

  9. Meter Sticks

What do you think about these classrooms of 2020? How else do you think teachers can keep their students safe?