Sarah Jessica Parker Sets the Record Straight About Carrie’s Reaction to Big’s Heart Attack

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“And Just Like That,” the reboot of the popular romantic TV series Sex and the City, has been pretty scrutinized for many things. Though the series has plenty of love as well, fans have a lot to say about where the show is heading—from trying too hard to be culturally relevant to playing up the older ages.

However, there is one scene in particular that has been the most talked-about of all: And it happened in the very first episode. Carrie Bradshaw’s long-time love interest and hubby, John James Preston, aka Mr. Big, was killed off after he had a heart attack from completing his 1,000th Peloton ride (see what we mean by culturally relevant? But we digress.)

The moment was a pretty shocking one for everyone—including Carrie of course, who walked in to see her husband laid up against the wall with the shower on, moments before he died.

Now, imagine walking into a scene like that: You expect to come home and see your spouse alive and well, but you capture them at their absolute lowest: just seconds before they literally DIE in the confines of your home—a home that you lived in together!

Naturally, it’s all extremely shocking. It’s so shocking in fact, that you might actually go into shock in the moments that it’s happening to you!

That’s pretty much what happened to Carrie. She could barely believe what she was seeing that her reaction seemed almost subdued—which really bothered some viewers. The biggest thing that frustrated people was that she never seemed to call 911, which is, of course, one of the first things you should do in an emergency situation like this.

However, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, joined Andy Cohen on his show “Watch What Happens Live” to finally clear the air about it all.

Parker explained that Carrie struggled through the moment and tried to get Mr. Big to be responsive. She said it probably took Carrie only about 2-3 seconds to come to her senses and call 911—it’s just that you have to use your imagination a bit. The show has used this technique before, where they portray a moment, but then the moment is over quickly. It doesn’t mean things didn’t happen within that moment—they just aren’t always shown.

“It was suspended animation. It’s this moment where everything stops,” Parker explained.

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What did you think of the part of the show when Mr. Big had a heart attack?