Viral TikTok Series Reveals Just “How Rare” Your Body Quirks Are

Ever discover something about your body that you think is pretty cool? Perhaps you have a double-jointed finger? Or maybe you can quack like a duck better than else can? Anything at all that you think no one else (or just a small group of people) can do?

Chances are, if you have something in mind, you could be right. There are actually quite a few body quirks that exist among just a small portion of the world—so if you haven’t seen anyone else with the one you have in mind, you might just be pretty rare.

A recent TikTok video by “knowledgesaurus” dives into a few of them. In the video, titled “How Rare Are You?”, one man rattles off several different rare ways in which people possess some of these uncommon qualities.

For example, if you can roll your tongue into a clover shape, then congratulations—you’re considered rare! Only 14.7% of people can do this. (Note: Rolling your tongue and rolling it in a clover shape are different things).

In addition, did you know that only 4% of the world has an outie bellybutton? And no, an outie has nothing to do with how the umbilical cord was cut or anything like that. Outie bellybuttons can’t be picked and chosen—it actually had a lot to do with the bellybutton itself and the fat underneath it.

Another rarity: Mortons Toe, where your big toe is shorter than the toe next to it. Most people’s big toe is the tallest one of all, but these 10%–¬yes, just 10%–of people who have Mortons Toe have a, well, pretty short, stumpy big toe. (Take a look at the video below to find out what famous “being” has a Mortons Toe).

The video highlights these and many more rare bodily things you may possess. Check it out below to see how your body measures up to the rareness!

@knowledgesaurus How Rare Are You? #rare #howrare #bodyfacts #mindblown #fyp #foryoupage #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Knowledgesaurus

Did any of these surprise you? Do you have any of these rare body quirks? What about something that wasn’t mentioned in the video? We’d love to hear from you!