Viral Puzzle Wants You To Rank These 4 Guys In Order From ‘Dumbest’ to ‘Smartest’

If you were asked to rate people in order from how dumb they are to how smart they are, could you do it? Maybe not in real life—but how about in a puzzle?

The photo below has recently been circling the Internet for its seemingly odd ask: Rate the people in it in order from dumbest to smartest.

The photo portrays four boys atop a tree—three of them have saws and one doesn’t. So immediately you might assume the guy without the saw is the smartest, or perhaps you think the only one smiling is the smartest…but before you make rash judgment calls, you need to look a bit closer.

Take a look at the photo below. Can you rate them in order from dumbest to smartest?

Let us tell you the thought process we went through to figure this one out.

When you really examine the photo, you can see that everyone is trying to saw off the branch that his friend (enemy?) is sitting on. Number 2 is sawing off Number 1’s branch, Number 3 is sawing off Number 2’s branch and Number 4 is…wait, what is Number 4 doing?

If you look closely, Number 4, is actually sawing off his OWN branch, meaning the second the saw cuts through, he’s going to fall to his fate! Pretty dumb, if you ask us—perhaps the dumbest of the bunch.

The man without the saw all the way to the right, Number 1, is just sitting there perplexed, unaware that he too may fall the moment the other guy is done cutting. So we’re pretty sure he’s one of the dumbest, probably the second dumbest next to his other friend.

That leaves the other two who are clearly sabotaging their counterparts’ room on the tree. However, another close glance and you’ll see that Number 2 is too occupied trying to saw off Number 1’s branch that he doesn’t realize Number 3 is cutting off his. And really, if all is said and done, Number 3 is going to be the only one still hanging on—likely making him the smartest.

Well, of course, not if Number 2 saws off Number 1’s branch before Number 3 can get to Number 2, and then Number 2 whacks Number 3’s saw from his hand…

Okay, we’re a bit too involved in this puzzle now. We suppose it could have multiple answers based on how you think about it!

Tell us: What was your thought process in solving this puzzle? Who do you think is the smartest and dumbest person in the photo?