Women Share All of the Random and Unnecessary Things Their Husbands Have Done When Asked To Clean

marsan via Deposit Photos

Weather you’re dating, engaged or married, if you’re part of a couple, and if the other half of that couple is a man, then you’re most likely going to be able to relate to the following situation.

Here we go. We invited friends or family over. Maybe it’s a casual dinner party. Maybe it’s your parents who are staying with you for the weekend. Regardless of the situation, people who do not live in your home are coming over…soon…and your home is not ready.

You know what we’re talking about. It’s a mess. The sink is overflowing with dishes. You can’t remember the last time you vacuumed, or maybe you just vacuumed but junior tracked in sand from the playground again. If you have kids, their toys are all over the living room. Basically, it looks like a tornado hit your house.

Nothing motivates a woman to clean more than company coming over. If only men were motivated the same way.

One woman, Emily, also known as Twitter user @houseandhens, tweeted about what it’s like for her when she asks her husband to clean. This is all too relatable.

She’s not the only one. Multiple people jumped on the bandwagon and shared what happens when they ask their significant other to clean.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous things men have really done when asked to clean the house.

  1. Clean 1 vacuum with another vacuum

    @hollymarieau shares, “We had my daughters 8th bday party Saturday before it started I found mine vacuuming his shopvac with our regular vacuum cleaner…”

  2. Powerwash the deck

    @ElleJaneGlory writes, “Me ‘babe your parents will be here I. 2 hours can you put fresh sheets on their bed and vacuum the guest room?’ Him ‘clean out my closet and go power wash the deck? Say no more.'”

  3. Paint the basement walls

    @chirish01 can relate too. “YES. My life. Hours before we had guests over last time, he decided to paint the walls in the basement. Our basement is unfinished, soooo…the cement walls that no guest will ever see are nice and bright white now.”

  4. Paint the garage

    @_MomToAPrincess adds, “Are we married to the same man? Before our Friendsgiving party he decided it was time to paint the garage and build our dog a new bed… that was clearly more important than cleaning up the ten thousand baby toys 🙄😂😂”

  5. Disappear in the bathroom

    @LindsayHughes12 writes, “Or…they say ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ and you never see them again”

  6. Organize tools

    @whit_its shares, “Or he will go down to his man cave in the basement AKA his ‘shop’ and start organizing all his work tables and tools and various hoses. I’m upstairs like 🤷🏼‍♀️ the fam are not going to be welding mufflers for thanksgiving or changing the oil in their cars. Like wth”

  7. Use a leaf blower inside the house


    @IsaFit4Good writes, “Mine uses the blower inside house every once in a while! 🤣😂 I believe he thinks that’s the most effective way of getting rid of the dust!”

  8. Or an industrial air compressor

    @mardigrasinco adds, “Mine legit pulled out a giant industrial air compressor with a 20 foot extension cord when I mentioned the house looked dusty. In the middle of breakfast.”

  9. Play with pets


    @nichole_back comments, “I’ll tell my boyfriend to clean our bedroom while I clean the kitchen but I’ll come in to find him sitting on the bed playing with our hamsters. Or he’ll just be watching them & posting photos of them to reddit🤦🏻‍♀️”

  10. Match up socks

    @mariahlleonard adds, “Our husbands are the same. I will be like ‘hey, mind picking up the living room while I do the floors?’ 2-hours later he’ll be like ‘I have reunited every sock in the house with it’s match!’ Sir?”

Okay, we get that men and women may have different approaches to cleaning, but how a man prioritizes things like painting the garage and matching up socks when the house desperately needs to be tidied up, dusted and vacuumed is something women will never understand.

Can you relate? What weird cleaning habits does your husband have?