Man Turns Random Internet Drama Into Amazing Music Videos

@lubalin_vibe_co via Twitter

A Canadian musician who goes by the name Lubalin has been posting on TikTok for awhile but none of his videos went viral. He wanted to change that, so he studied what makes videos go viral and tried to figure out how he could use his musical talents in a video that people would want to see and share.

Lubalin’s lightbulb moment came when he decided to take a screenshot of an OldPeopleFacebook subreddit and create a music video using the words from the screenshot. The conversation in the screenshot was pretty dramatic, and Lubalin skillfully portrayed the two people in the conversation while singing the lyrics and playing the piano to emphasize the drama. It was magic, and his TikTok following quickly shot up from 5,000 followers to well over a million. He was a little overwhelmed considering his goal was to get only 100,000 views. Instead, his video was shared over 17 million times in just a few hours.

We could try to explain the music video, but it’s better if you watch it yourself.

@lubalinthat escalated quickly… ##sodramatic ##humor ##oldpeoplefacebook ##boomer ##musician ##producer♬ original sound – Lubalin

Lubalin told BuzzFeed News, “I don’t know what genre it would be. I was just trying to find dramatic chords and playing the piano. It’s definitely channeling some drama.”

TikTok users praised the creative video writing comments like “This is my favorite TikTok of all time” and “You are now legally required to make this into a series. Sincerely the attorney general. Thsnks.”

Lubalin followed up with a second video, this time about a dramatic exchange about a recipe for broccoli casserole. His girlfriend helped him film the second video which quickly became even more popular than the first video with well over 18 million views.

@lubalinwake up, doris 🥦 ##sodramatic ##humor ##oldpeoplefacebook ##boomer ##musician ##producer♬ original sound – Lubalin

His new fans are hooked and eager for more videos in the series. One comment reads, “Honestly this series is going to change the world. You’re only on #2 and THIS is what we’re getting??”

Another viewer wrote, “This is the new best thing ever.”

Some fans think he deserves a record deal.

Lubalin said that he thought he wouldn’t feel so much pressure after posting the second video, but he was wrong. “I honestly feel more pressure now for the next one.”

Lubalin plans to release more videos similar to these two, but he isn’t going to limit himself to one type of video. He told BuzzFeed News,I want to ride this wave as far as it’ll go, but I also feel like I’ll get bored of these soon. And I also feel like I want to see if I can come up with other concepts,” he said. “And I also have my actual — not to say this isn’t music — but my actual songs that are going to get released among that.”