“Rage Yoga” Has An Unorthodox Approach That Involves Swearing And Booze Breaks

Exercise: we know it’s good for us, but we also know that one type doesn’t fit all. While some people enjoy training for marathons, other people prefer spinning class, hiking, or the serenity of yoga.

What do you think of when you think of yoga? We think of deep breathing, serenity, meditation, stretching and positions that sometimes leave us a little wobbly on our feet.

This type of yoga is not for everyone. Sometimes meditation and serenity isn’t exactly what you need after a frustrating week. Running or Zumba might be a better way to release the tension, or perhaps you want to try out a new type of yoga.

We’re talking about Rage Yoga. This is yoga for people who are frustrated, weird and feel like misfits. This is also yoga for people who like to drink beer and swear.

Yes, you can actually drink beer during yoga class. 

Rage Yoga was created in Canada in 2014 by a yoga instructor named Lindsay Istace. After learning about the yoga with “attitude” in 2016, Ashley Duzich, a yoga instructor from Houston, Texas, flew to Canada to take a Rage Yoga training class. In 2017, she was certified and started teaching the first Rage Yoga class in the United States.

There are a lot of things that are untraditional about Rage Yoga, and the meeting place is one of them. Duzich teaches the class in a brewery, and they regularly stop for beer breaks. 

While Rage Yoga uses traditional yoga poses, they sometimes modify the moves, and they often include crude humor. There’s a lot of swearing and yelling that happens during the class, and the students are raving.

Watch the video below to see a glimpse of one of Duzich’s Rage Yoga classes.


Duzich knows that Rage Yoga is not for everyone, and she definitely advices not bringing children to class. Don’t let the beer drinking scare you off though. Choosing to drink water is just fine.

If you live in Houston, you can attend a Rage Yoga class at Brash Brewing Company. If you don’t live near Houston, there might be a Rage Yoga class coming to a studio (or brewery) near you. Twelve more American yoga instructors were certified for Rage Yoga in August 2019. You can also sign up for Rage Yoga online.

What’s your favorite way to exercise and relieve stress and anxiety? Does Rage Yoga sound like something you’d want to try?