Why Rachel Ray is Uncomfortable Over a Makeover Guest’s Haircut

There’s nothing that we love more than a good makeover, and we think the best ones enhance the subject’s features rather than completely change them. The most perfect case in point is the dramatic restyling that we are going to show you today. Let’s just say that even the scruffiest-looking dudes can clean up VERY nicely!

For this particular case, Rachel Ray uses Kyan Douglas, celebrity hairstylist to the stars and our favorite dude from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, to help facilitate the lofty transformation of Kevin. Before he got the dramatic cut and wardrobe change, the guy wasn’t bad-looking by any means, but he certainly wasn’t polished.

When asked about his challenges when it came to slicing and dicing this metal head’s mane, Kyan remarks that in order to complete the cut, he had to do it at “top speed” because, simply put, the guy had “a LOT of hair!”

Curiously, when Kevin comes out to show off his new image in front of the host and her applauding audience, Rachel says she feels “uncomfortable” with the results.

So, what about this makeover is making Rachel so uncomfortable exactly? Well, the answer is simple—she thinks the guy looks too hunky for his own good. “I can’t even look at him he’s so hot!” the host gushes.

While Rachel stands averting her eyes from Kevin’s new stunning cut, Kyan makes a remark that we think sums up the whole transformation perfectly; “I found the stud underneath the hair!” the stylist proudly exclaims.

Nonetheless, Kyan admits that he can’t take full credit for the entire makeover. Sure, the hair is the most obvious change, but the adjustments to his wardrobe are the real cherry on top. With the help of dark denim and timeless boots, the team of stylists was able to add a much-needed element of sophistication to his rockin’ look.

Kyan explains that it doesn’t take an inordinate amount of money to look like a suave gentleman. All you need to do is add in a few key pieces. In addition to the boots and denim, he recommends purchasing a leather moto jacket. It’s the essential piece of the puzzle that allows dudes who aren’t into sports coats to look pulled-together.

Now, with all of the celebration it’s easy to forget that to Kevin all of this flattering and praising is technically still talk—the guy hasn’t even gotten the chance to glance at his new look in the mirror yet!

And because anyone who is a makeover show fanatic knows that the most satisfying part of watching the whole transformation is getting to see the subject’s reaction, we’re sure that you will want to see his!

To witness this former grunge rocker’s response to seeing his hot new look, be sure to click on the Rachel Ray Show’s video below. Oh what a change a few snips of the scissors can make!

What do you think of Kevin’s drastic haircut? Have you ever undergone a similar makeover before? Do you prefer his old look to his new one? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!