Rachael Ray Shares Shocking Footage of the Aftermath of the Fire That Destroyed Her Home

Entertainment Tonight

If you haven’t heard, we recently told you that chef Rachael Ray and her husband endured a massive house fire  on August 9, 2020 that completely destroyed their home. Thankfully, the two (plus their pup) managed to escape unscathed, but their home was unsalvageable.

Hearing about the details is one thing, but to actually see it is quite another. Ray decided to share some video footage of her house burning to smithereens on the season 15 premiere of the Rachael Ray Show.

“15 years of memories, 40 years of notebooks, drawings, thoughts, my life’s work,” Ray said, implying all of that was gone in the fire.

Going through something so extreme can really teach you some valuable life lessons in just a short amount of time, and Ray says she’s definitely had her time to think.

“In the years that I lived here, I learned an awful lot,” she said. “In the few weeks since it burned, I think I’ve learned even more.

The video below shows the devastating aftermath and incredibly heartbreaking words of the homeowner herself.

Ray goes through each section of the still-burning home and explains what each room was and how meaningful they were to her. Not only that, but since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ray was filming her cooking show from home. So not only is her home and all her memories gone, she can’t work at the moment, either.

To see the footage, as well as hear from Ray and her husband themselves about what caused the fire and the moments leading up to the fire, be sure to check out the video below.

Have you ever known someone whose house caught on fire before? What do you think of this shocking footage of Rachael Ray’s home?