Quick and Easy Tip for Keeping Razor Blades Sharp

While browsing the web after unpacking some disposable razors, Paul from Wise Bread stumbled upon this video that contained one outrageous claim. The man in the video suggested that all you needed were two easy steps to keep your razor blades useful for years. What a money saver that would be if it were true!

Tip #1: dry the blades on a towel when you’re done shaving. This is pretty straightforward.

Tip #2: when your blade seems to be getting a little dull, rub it backwards on your arms about 10 times. The skin is supposed to act like an old-fashioned leather strap that people used to use to sharpen blades back in the day.

Paul just had to try these tips out, and it turns out there was some merit to the suggestions! Five months later, he is still using the same disposable razor. As disposable razors are usually worthless in a few weeks, the savings here could be significant.

Have you tried a trick like this to extend the life of your razors? Maybe you’ve tried rubbing them on denim instead of your arm? What do you think about this approach and will you be giving it a try if you haven’t already?

For WiseBread’s full article, head over to Want to Keep Your Disposable Razor Blades Sharp? Use Your Arm.

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