13 People Share the Questions That They Really Hate Being Asked

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There’s not much that is worse than being asked a question you don’t want to answer or being asked the same question over and over again. We probably all have certain questions that really annoy us when someone asks them.

Reddit user gypsy888888 asked, “What’s one question you hate being asked?” A lot of the answers are relatable, but you might find some of the questions surprising. You may even discover that you’ve been asking a question that some people find annoying, or you might not find these questions annoying at all. 

  1. Introverts Can Relate

    Reddit user iS3ed wrote:

    Why are you not talking?

  2. You Really Can’t Predict the Future

    Ms-Anthrop shared:

    Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I’m betting in 2015 nobody had this shit right.

  3. Yes, You Really Would Know How Your Own Name Is Pronounced

    pistachiomeeting shared:

    Are you sure [my slightly unusual last name] is pronounced like that? Yes, I’m sure.

  4. Sounds Like an Interview Question

    Timyoy3 answered:

    “What words would you use to describe yourself?”

  5. Never Assume a Woman Is Pregnant

    LaDanahMama5 wrote:

    When are you due? (I’m not pregnant)

  6. Define “Fun”

    FezTheRedditor shared:

    “what 3 fun facts can you tell the class about yourself?” Getting asked this every year in school drives me crazy

  7. Don’t Even

    PepeHands217 added:

    ‘Are you Chinese?’NOOOOOOOOOO

  8. Artists Deserve to Be Paid

    KiraKishibe wrote:

    “Oo! U r artist? can u draw me plz for free?”

  9. Everyone Has Different Taste

    ZRX1200R explained:

    How can you listen to that? That’s not music.

  10. Principle’s Kid

    Kboyd3366 answered:

    My dad was my principal in my middle school. Everyone would walk up to me and say,”Are you the principal’s son?” And then they just sit there and say,” Can you ask your dad to give me free 100’s?” I hated it.

  11. How Are You Supposed to Answer This?

    Dutch_Midget added:

    Why are you so short?

  12. So Many People Get Annoyed by This Question

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    When are you going to start having kids?

  13. This Is Why Single People Dread Family Reunions

    mtlmike85 added:

    Why are you single?