Queer Person Shares Family Texts Over a 12-Year Period to Show How Loved Ones Can Change

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Rain Dove only communicates with their family once a year. They try to come home for the holidays each year to visit family, but at first, family members didn’t want to see Dove while they were in town.

Instead of being upset about their family’s reaction to their queer and trans identity, they kept attempting to communicate and visit family each holiday season. Eventually, something changed. The family became more accepting. Instead of refusing to see Dove when they were in town, they looked forward to Dove’s visits.

On Instagram, Dove shared a series of texts with family that start back in 2008 and go all the way through 2019. Dove wrote, “I don’t often share about my family, partially to protect them from a world they didn’t sign up to be judged by. Partially because our journey together hasn’t always been accepting, kind, or warm. People went through processes. People said things they couldn’t take back. People abandoned each other on all sides of the aisle. I ran away. They shoved me out. Whenever things were difficult physically, financially, or emotionally I learned to turn inward instead of reaching out to them. There were many true loves they never got to meet. However, over time something incredible occurred. Change. With consistent, persistent love many people mended back to bonds which were made stronger.”

Dove went on to explain, “I never had to compromise my safety or mental health to appease them. I just kept being myself and texted/called just once a year. After a decade, the doors I walked out which I thought I’d never be allowed back through- they unlocked again. Now, I find that while not everyone has come around, those that have make space for me to return home for the holidays. Safely. Joyfully.”

Then Dove encouraged readers that “Time may not always change everything, but often love will. Respect Your boundaries but be love. It will win.”

Dove shared their story to encourage other readers who may be disconnected from family that it may not always be that way and to choose the power of love. They wrote, “It is my hope that by sharing my story you can see that where you are now is not where you will always be.”

Scroll through Dove’s texts with family members below.


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Does it inspire you to see how Dove’s family became more accepting as time went on? Do you think other people will be inspired by their story?