Queen Elizabeth’s New Birthday Portrait Honors Late Husband Prince Philip


It’s Queen Elizabeth II‘s 96th birthday. She has made history during her lifetime as the longest reigning monarch in British history. She has been Queen for 70 years.

It is certainly remarkable that she has been Queen for so long, and it is even more amazing that she is still in reasonably good health well into her ’90s.

The Queen is far from sitting by the fire knitting socks. She is conducting virtual meetings with other leaders and even holding some meetings in person. She is even still somewhat active with her favorite sport – horseback riding. Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles once said that she found it amazing that her mother-in-law was still riding horses in her ’90s.

In honor of her love for horses, and as a way of celebrating her birthday, the Queen was photographed with two of her fell ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale. The photos were taken last month at Windsor Castle. 

The Royal Windsor Horse Show released one of these photos, and the royal family then shared the photo on social media. In the photo, the Queen stands between the two ponies and holds their reigns. She is wearing a green coat this is the shade of green that has been nicknamed “Edinburgh green” after the Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip often used this shade of green, and in his honor, the Queen also wore the same color at his memorial service.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Queen’s birthday celebration and to hear what Prince Harry had to say about how the Queen feels about celebrating her birthday.

Does it surprise you that the Queen doesn’t look forward to her birthday? Do you agree with Prince Harry that birthdays aren’t as exciting as you get older? Do you know anyone who participates in their favorite sport at an older age?