Queen Elizabeth Will Enter an 8-Day Period of Mourning After the Death of Her ‘Beloved’ Husband

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office via Flickr

Just a few months shy of his 100th birthday, Prince Philip passed away. He was at home at Windsor Castle at the time. The Queen is now mourning the loss of her “beloved husband.”

Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip in 1947. She wasn’t Queen yet. She was still a princess at the time. In case you’re counting, that’s 73 years of marriage. We can only imagine how hard it would be to lose a spouse after so many years.

For a brief summary of the highlights of Prince Philip’s life, watch the video below.


The Queen is now entering an 8-day period of mourning. She will avoid conducting any royal duties during this time. Anything that she was scheduled to do will be postponed until a later date.

The Queen is not the only one who is mourning, and the mourning period will not be over after 8 days. The royal family is expected to mourn for 30 days, and the whole country will enter a 10-day period of mourning.

Funeral plans for Prince Philip have yet to be finalized. COVID-19 will be taken into consideration and will most likely alter what the plans would be otherwise. For example, there will most likely be restrictions on crowds and the number of people who will be able to attend the funeral.

According to Prince Philip’s wishes, he did not want to lie in state, so it is expected that there will not be a full state funeral. Instead, there will most likely be a royal ceremonial funeral.

Prince Philip had not been in the best health. Earlier this year, he was in the hospital for a month. While there, he was treated for an infection and a heart condition. He returned home to Windsor Castle after being released from the hospital.