Queen Elizabeth Seemed to Subtly Showed Her Support for Prince Harry and Meghan During a Meeting with Boris Johnson

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Prince Harry has seemed like the black sheep of the family ever since he stepped away from life as a senior member of the royal family. He relocated to California with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie, and then went on to participate in a tell-all interview with Oprah.

Harry has said some surprising things about this family. He described his brother and father as “trapped.” He and Meghan claim someone in the family was concerned about what color Archie’s skin might be. He inferred that his father wasn’t the best parent because he doesn’t want to raise his children the same way he was raised.

With all of the media attention the rift in the royal family is getting, it’s easy to wonder what the Queen thinks about all of this. Harry is her grandson. Whether or not his is a senior member of the royal family, he is still related by blood.

It seems that the Queen still loves and shows support for Harry and Meghan. While she wants to work out any family drama privately, she has done a few things subtly to show that she still supports her grandson.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Queen showed him a few of her family photos. Among the collection were a photo of herself with her late husband, Prince Philip, an engagement photo of Prince William and Kate Middelton, and a never before released engagement photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Queen knew photos would be taken during the meeting, and she had to have known the photos wouldn’t go unnoticed. The fact that she included a photo of Harry and Meghan seems to show her support of the couple.

Watch the video below to learn about another way the Queen seems to be showing that Harry and Meghan are still close to her heart.


The next time Harry reunites with his family is just a few days away. He is currently in the U.K. and will join his brother, Prince William, for the unveiling of a statue in honor of their late mother’s 60th birthday.

Does it surprise you that the Queen wants to include Harry and Meghan in the Platinum Jubilee? Do you think they will choose to attend? Do you think the Queen intentionally included a photo of Harry and Meghan during her meeting with Boris Johnson?