Queen Elizabeth Speaks Out About Her Recent Experience With Covid-19

If you have have Covid-19 and/or if you know multiple people who have had Covid-19, you probably know that one thing is true – everyone’s experience is a little bit different.

While there are a lot of common symptoms of the virus, some people have more severe symptoms than others. Some people have extreme symptoms and need to be hospitalized. Other people recover at home in a few days or more. Yet other people are asymptomatic and wouldn’t even know they had Covid if it weren’t for the positive test result.

Queen Elizabeth II recovered from Covid-19 not that long ago. It is only natural to wonder what her experience was like. Since she has recovered, it seems that her condition was not too extreme, but we are also aware that the Queen has access to terrific medical staff. She may be better equipped to handle the virus than other people her age.

The Queen had not publicly spoken about her experience with Covid-19 until recently. She participated in a virtual appearance in honor of the Royal London Hospital’s new Queen Elizabeth Unit. She talked to members of the staff, and one staff member mentioned that he and his family had Covid-19 in December. The Queen asked him if he has recovered, and after listening to his answer, she went on to share a few words about her own experience with Covid-19.

Watch the video below to hear what the Queen had to say about her experience with Covid-19 including a few symptoms that she had while battling the virus. In addition, hear more about how other members of the British royal family are stepping up and taking on more responsibilities.

Have you had Covid-19? What symptoms did you have? Did you feel tired like the Queen did? Does it surprise you that Prince William and Kate Middleton are “waiting in the wings” to become King and Queen even though they’re not next in line for the throne?