Queen Elizabeth Cancels Global Climate Summit Trip Following Overnight Hospitalization

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Queen Elizabeth II is 95 years old and still has a lot on her calendar. However, she had to cancel one of her plans after she had to spent the night in the hospital.

The British monarch decided not to go on her global climate summit trip, where she was planning to make an appearance at the U.N. climate conference in Glasgow on November 1. This conference runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12 and she was supposed to be the one to kick everything off.

While she’s saddened not to be able to attend in person, she’ll still make her appearance with a video call.

Her Majesty is disappointed not to attend the reception but will deliver an address to the assembled delegates via a recorded video message,” Buckingham Palace said.

The reason that the queen had an overnight hospitalization is still unknown by the public, but it’s made certain that’s not COVID-19 related. Her doctors have prompted her to rest, which she is following by only performing very light duties—aka not traveling far places.

This is the second trip the queen had to cancel recently, the first being a trip to Northern Ireland not too long before this one. And just days before her overnight hospital stay, she was seen using a walking stick at a Westminster Abbey service—something she has never been seen using in a very long time.


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As Britain’s longest-lived and longest-reigning monarch, the queen as always been touted for her immaculate health. She’s been on the throne for the majority of her life and longer than any preceding king or queen—nearly 70 years! She’s also older than the average life expectancy for women in the UK, which is 81.6 years. But of course, at her age, it’s only a matter of time before she runs into some health issues.

“She’s not superwoman. She’s not immortal. And she is 95. And it’s best if you’re that age to just be cu ta bit of slack and allowed to get better,” said Alastair Bruce, ABC News Royalty Consultant.

To hear more regarding her canceled plans and how her overall health is going, check out the video below.

What do you think is the reason for her hospital stay? Do you think she made the right choice canceling her trip? We hope the queen is able to get well soon!