This Latest Puzzle Has Us Searching for 7 Key Differences

Gergely Dudás

At some point in your life, we’re sure you’ve come across puzzles that contain two similar photos with a few subtle differences in each. The idea? To find all of the purposeful difference that were put in the photo.

We’ve all done puzzles like these, probably when we were little—and let us tell you, we think they were easier back then!

We recently came across one of these puzzles created by Gergely Dudás, aka Dudlof, a Hungarian illustrator known for his brain-teasing puzzles. Typically, he creates various types of images where one object is hidden. Whether it’s a hidden doe among stags, a snake among turtles or a butterfly among sunflowers, Gergely is always stumping us, and stumping us good.

Well this time, he threw a wrench into the mix by creating a different kind of puzzle—the one where you have to spot the differences between photos, and it’s one that is even harder than his already hard puzzles!

The photo we’re referring to is of a creature reading a book in what looks like an office at a home. He’s on a chair reading a book that he presumably he picked from his bookshelf beside him. His pet bunny is sleeping at his feet. There’s a plant near a window, a lamp to help him see, a teddy bear on the ground and a few other stray objects in between.

At first glance, the two photos look exactly the same. Like, exactly. Even when you start to scan the photo up and down, and look at the other one to determine the differences, it’s almost impossible to notice that anything is different!

But then, slowly but surely, you may start to notice some differences. They are subtle for sure, and aren’t obvious to the initial eye. Don’t worry if it takes you a while—we still haven’t found all seven!

Take a look at the photo below and see if you can spot the differences. And if you need to (which we definitely did), you can find the solution here! (That’s one of Dudlof’s perks—he never leaves you hanging!)

How long did it take you to find all seven differences in these photos? Did you have to click on the solution before you were able to find all of them? How many were you missing, if so?

For more of Dudlof’s puzzles like these, be sure to check out his blog here!