If You Can Put Your Hair in a Ponytail, You Can Create This Lovely Updo

The best updo can be worn for any event – think a school dance, a wedding, date night, or a normal day at the office. This braided pull-through updo is just that! Using a pull-through braid technique, you can create this updo in a few minutes with a lot less hassle than you would expect. Honestly, if you can pull your hair back into your going-to-the-gym pony, you can create this beautiful updo for your next event! Watch the video below to see how you can pull off this lovely pull-through.

If you love to play with braids, this hairstyle will be your dream come true. A pull-through braid is a really unique style – definitely not your same old French.

We broke down step-by-step instructions below so you can follow along with the video tutorial:

STEP 1: Sweep your hair over to the side of your part which has the least amount of hair.
STEP 2: Take two small sections of hair and separate them from the rest of your swept over hair by securing them with two plastic elastics.
STEP 3: Take the first little pony and split it in half. Pull the second pony through the center and clip that.
STEP 4: Make a third pony from the hair, adding the little piece that’s remaining from the first pony.
STEP 5: Take down the clipped hair and split that in half, pulling pony number three through the center.
STEP 6: Repeat all the way along the back of your head, into the excess hair so you have the pull-through braid hanging from one side of your head.
STEP 7: Loosen the braids on the back of your head, pulling it apart so it gets larger. Also pull from the top of your head for increased volume.
STEP 8: Tuck the hanging braid under your hair and pin in place to finish.

Feel free to bobby pin pieces of hair forward to hide any elastics and make sure you fasten those clear elastics on not too tight, that will make the loosening of the braids easier.

This updo might take a little time (more time than a pony, that’s for sure) but if you love to play with new hairstyles or want to avoid the salon pricing for your next dance or wedding, this is the perfect hair solution!

What do you think of this updo? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.