Proud Dad Sparks Debate After Posting Photos Of His 14-Year-Old Son Working At Burger King

Chris Crawford via Facebook

You’ve probably heard of mom-shaming. It’s when a mom gets criticized for how she parents her kids. Often, the mom isn’t doing anything wrong; it’s just that she’s doing things differently than another person thinks she should be doing them. Even celebrities get mom-shamed.

Guess what? Dads get mom-shamed too. Or, wait, perhaps that would be called dad-shamed. Whatever label you want to put on it, it happened to a dad named Chris Crawford.

Crawford posted a couple pictures of his 14-year-old son on Facebook. In one of the pictures, his son is wearing a Burger King uniform and has a huge smile on his face. In another picture, his son is manning the drive-thru window, wearing a headset, his smile masked by the face mask he’s wearing.

Crawford posted the pictures because he was proud of his son and was doing what every parent wants to do when they feel proud of their child – brag about it. Crawford wrote, “HUGE shout out to this kid of mine, 14 years old and has a PT job at Burger King, not only does he work every day he can including weekends when most kids are out enjoying their summer he goes in early and stays late almost every time he works, he loves every minute of it.”

Then Crawford explained multiple reasons why he is so proud of his son for committing to a part-time job. He wrote, “Making his own money, saving for a car, being responsible in his decisions, becoming a respectable young man!!! I couldn’t be more proud of him!”

At the end of his post, Crawford criticized other people who claim they can’t find a job or who aren’t willing to commit to hard work to earn money. He wrote, “Some of y’all lazy, grown ass people out there should take notes!!!”

Crawford’s post was not met with overwhelming praise for his parenting. Instead, many people criticized the fact that a 14-year-old boy had a part-time job instead of enjoying being a kid. One person commented, “There’s plenty of time for work as an adult. THE BURNOUT WILL BE REAL.”

Another comment reads, “Let the kids be kids. They have the rest of their lives to work and be miserable.”

However, not everyone was a hater. Some people sided with Crawford and praised the 14-year-old boy for his hard work. Some people also shared stories of their first job when they were a young teen. One person wrote, “God bless you man..i star working at 16 in Puerto Rico in a construction site to help my mother..and is true there are alot of grown people that want to stay in them comfort zone..i can see u he would be hes own boss in a couples of years..the best teach is a old school ways.”

Another person added, “Exactly what I did, 14 at Burger King! Got my car before I could drive it, a cool 1992 Camaro. I’m 32 now and can say having that job was a great experience.”

Do you think it’s good parenting or bad parenting to encourage your 14-year-old to have a part-time job?