Viral TikTok Shows the Correct Way to Hold Keys in Order to Protect Yourself from Attackers

faesfx via TikTok

Ladies, you’ve probably been taught a few self-defense techniques throughout your life. For example, you might carry hairspray in your purse or hold your keys in your hands while you’re walking.

Thanks to TikTok, we have learned additional ways to stay safe, like having a TikTok video with a fake parent on the other end to pretend we’re on a video call and help is on the way. We’ve also learned why the traditional way of holding keys doesn’t work and how to make it work better.

TikTok user faesfx shared that many women have been taught to hold their keys between their fingers so that they can use the keys to stab an attacker if necessary. She used a makeup bag to demonstrate why this isn’t the best idea. First of all, even if you are able to stab the attacker, the keys will also be rubbing up against your skin and causing you harm.

There’s a better way. Instead of holding the keys between your fingers, choose your longest key, and hold that key in your fist. Once agin, faesfx demonstrated with her makeup bag why this is more effective when it comes to stabbing an attacker.

Then, faesfx had a friend help her demonstrate both key holding techniques. It really is clear that holding a long key in your fist is a better weapon. See for yourself in the video below.

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Although nobody wants to live in a world where we need to know the correct way to hold our keys in order to protect ourselves, TikTok users are certainly grateful to learn this effective technique. One viewer wrote, “This is amazing advice. I just wish it wasn’t necessary. I’m sorry we need to do better.”

Another comment reads, “It’s so sad that we even need to think about that. But thank you a lot!”

Several viewers even wrote comments sharing additional safety advice. For example, one TikTok user wrote, “and don’t forget! always always ALWAYS take the chance to gouge out your attacker’s eyes when given the chance!”

One viewer added, “Also make as much noise as possible.. like an alarm it can help deter the attacker. So scream as much as you can and move as much as possible.”

Do you usually walk with your keys between your fingers? Are you going to try using this new technique?