Teen Has Been Keeping A Secret But On Graduation Night, Grandma Finally Learns The Truth

If you’ve been shopping for prom dresses recently, you know that 99.9% of them share the exact same feature. No, they’re not the same color, style, and definitely nowhere near the same price–most are VERY cheaply made.

Don’t believe us? Then you definitely haven’t read our post on “prom dress nightmares!” In it, we share just how cheaply-made these dresses are, particularly the ones that can only be purchased online.

Because of this, it’s become trendy for students to make or repurpose their own prom dresses–and some of them are really, really cool! Take the $4 thrift store stunner. Or, the light up wonder that was outfitted with luminescent thread. And, of course, the painted prom dress. Or, even these DIY Louboutins. (Not a dress, we know, but too cool not to mention again!)

Yep, teens these days are really starting to get creative with their frocks, but one California high school grad didn’t have to slave over her dress to make it great–she simply borrowed her grandmother’s!

Why a prom dress hand-me-down turned viral

Back in 2012, high school graduate, Cassie, borrowed her Grandma Dottie’s prom dress, the very one that she wore in 1957 at her own Vancouver Island, B.C. prom. The dress, a gorgeous, pale pink, tulled-up wonder truly is a classic one, which is likely the exact reason why the teenager wanted to wear it.

The real twist here, though, is that neither Cassie nor any other family member actually told Grandma Dottie about the plan leading up to her grad night. Now, the secret wasn’t kept to hide deceit–they simply wanted to surprise the proud grandmother.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So, as Cassie was putting the finishing touches on her grad night “look,” other family members told Grandma Dottie to wait outside so that she could get the full effect of the teen’s look. Naturally, when Cassie walked out wearing the very same prom dress that she had more than 50 years prior, the grandmother was in total shock. The waterworks started and they didn’t stop as the two posed for the many flashing cameras.

Since 2012, the clip of the sweet event has recirculated again and again. In fact, it has been viewed nearly 8.4 MILLION times on YouTube alone!

In an interview, the original poster of the video, Angela Gillam, the woman who just so happens to be Grandma Dottie’s daughter-in-law, revealed that she was nervous when she realized that the clip had gained so much popularity.

“I was afraid my mother-in-law would be pissed,” Gillam said, “She’s so private. She’s the most kind, generous person ever but she doesn’t do social media.”

Lucky for Gillam, though, Grandma Dottie didn’t mind her new fame. Good to hear that this clip has brought so many people happy feels!

To meet Grandma Dottie and to see that beautiful vintage prom dress, be sure to watch the video below. What a special moment!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this viral clip! Are you surprised that a teen would want to wear her grandmother’s prom dress? Are you a fan of the look? Do you know someone who did something similar for their prom?