15 People Share the Product or Service That They Think You Should Never Cheap Out On

We love saving money as much as anyone. That’s why we’ve posted countless money saving tips. Now, we’re about to give you an essential tip when it comes to saving money. There are some things where you really shouldn’t choose the cheapest option. Sometimes it is worth it to get a high quality, more expensive version of a product.

The saying goes that you get what you pay for, and while this isn’t always true, there are definitely times when it is. Reddit user Kill_Dr_Phil asked, “What’s a product or service you should NEVER cheap out on?” The Reddit community shared a wide range of products and services where it is always better to go with the most costly option. 

Sometimes spending more actually saves you money. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to read 15 examples of times when you really should choose the higher quality/more expensive option.

  1. Paint

    Reddit user Seiche wrote:

    As I just had to find out – (white) wall paint. The cheap stuff is gray and translucent.

  2. Tattoos

    LastPlacePodium added:

    Tattoos! I don’t really care how good of a deal you got on your new monstrosity.

  3. Dental Work

    Caliblair wrote:

    I went to the same dentist my entire life. He was my grandparents dentist, my mothers, all my aunts, uncles and cousins. We have all had countless fillings, crowns, cleanings and minor surgeries with him with no issue.When I was out of state for college I cracked a tooth and picked the cheapest, quickest dentist to get it fixed. It hurt during the whole procedure and ached for a week later. The filling crumbled out of my mouth in under six months and when my dentist went in to fix it he said the guy had drilled my tooth so poorly he had actually made the crack bigger and now I needed a full crown.

  4. Running Shoes

    Jn1227 shared:

    Running shoes, I’m suffering from years of cheap runners

  5. Anything You Want to Keep a Long Time

    Written by MightBeAJellyfish:

    Anything that you don’t want to dispose of right away, basically. Buying very cheap products might lead to having to replace them more often, making the entire duration of you owning the product more expensive than if you were to buy something that costs a bit more.This is a real issue poor people have to face: not only do they have to buy the cheapest products because they can’t afford more expensive stuff, in the long run it will cost them even more money too. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to escape poverty.

  6. Insurance

    swahine1123 wrote:

    Since I have a large hurricane coming directly at me right now. As a homeowner….insurance.

  7. Tires

    gtcIIDX added:

    Paying more for good tires is also probably the cheapest way to give your car a huge performance boost. Horsepower isn’t everything!

  8. Lasik

    Opheltes explained:

    Lasik.They are supposed to do tests beforehand to screen for people who are susceptible to catastrophic complications (like a corneal tear). If you are going someplace that is suspiciously cheap (less than $1000 per eye in 2005), they’re probably skipping those tests.

  9. Bras

    kayladu wrote:

    If you are a size D or up, please don’t go cheap on the bras! You comfort level will go from a 1 to a 10 if you just spend the 50 bucks for a nice bra. Also, they last way longer. I’ve had the same bras for up to 8 years.

  10. Protective Equipment

    She_Likes_Cloth shared:

    Anything meant to protect you. Helmets, work boots, sporting equipment, ect. If the purpose of the item is to reduce or prevent injury, then don’t cheap out on it.

  11. A Mattress

    Bigddoggg added:

    Mattress, a good nights sleep is worth it every penny of it.

  12. Modems/Routers

    Written by FallenTenshi12:

    Modems/routers. A lot of times the cheap ones can’t keep up with your internet speed, so you lose so much

  13. Trash Bags

    bukanir explained:

    Trash bags. They’re one of those items where you can really tell the quality difference. Trust me, you don’t want the regret of lugging a bag full of rotten produce and cat litter to the dumpster, trying to swing it over the edge and feel it tear apart in your hands on the upswing. It’s a horror you will never forget. Buy better trash bags.

  14. Feminine Hygiene Products

    Shared by Trilliann2345:

    Tampons or other feminine hygiene products.You can really tell the difference in those things.

  15. Tools

    dat_nate wrote:

    A set of tools or powertools. If you buy a great set once, you’ll have them for a long time and they will (almost) never fail you. Plus, using a quality tool is so much better than a cheap alternative.