Kentucky Congressman Faces Backlash for Pro-Gun Family Christmas Photo on Twitter

Twitter // @RepThomasMassie

Before sending out Christmas cards, many families pose for family photos, one or more of which will be included on a custom holiday photo card. Sometimes families choose to wear Christmas colors like red and green or pose in front of a festive backdrop like a Christmas tree. Other times, families decide to do something a little bit more creative to show their sense of humor or personality.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie recently shared a Christmas photo of his family on Twitter. It was the type of photo you would typically find on a custom photo card. He and his wife and children were all posed, smiling and looking at the camera. There was a Christmas tree in the background, but honestly, we barely even noticed the tree.

Massie and his family didn’t take a typical Christmas photo despite the posed picture and the tree behind them. They were each holding something that made the photo a lot more controversial. Each member of the family was holding a gun. In the caption on the photo, Massie wrote, “Merry Christmas!  ps. Santa, please bring ammo.”

The photo currently has more than 82,000 likes, but many Twitter users feel that this photo is inappropriate and insensitive. Some Twitter users pointed to school shootings as one reason this photo was not in good taste.

Some Twitter users shared photos of their children who have been killed due to gun violence.

Do you think this pro-gun Christmas photo should be taken down?