Police Are Investigating a Florida Principal Who Was Captured On Video Paddling a 6-Year-Old Student


Question: What would you do if a teacher decided to whack a paddle on your child’s behind right in front of you? When it happened to her, one Florida mom decided to record the incident so that she could show other parents what’s going on in her daughter’s school.

Police are now investigating the elementary school principal who was clearly seen hitting the 6-year-old student with a wooden paddle. After she lays on several hard hits, she then berates and yells at the child shortly after. And when the child begins to hyperventilate in tears, she angrily tells her to calm down.

The girl was getting punished for damaging one of the school’s computer screens. The mother was called and told to bring $50 to help with the repairs, which she was happy to do. But when she walked into the punishment, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The mother did not give permission for these teachers to paddle her child. When she walked in on the scene, she couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening and, out of fear, didn’t intervene. Instead, she pulled out her phone to record it.

Though the video of the occurrence is quite disturbing, if she had intervened, she may not have the proof she needed for police to get involved and serve the consequences these teachers deserve.

Warning: The video is pretty hard to watch. Check out the CBS report on the situation below, which include the raw video footage of the paddling, an interview with Mom, and the legalities involved.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this: What would you do if you walked into a beating like this on your child? Do you agree with how the mother handled it, or are you glad these teachers were caught? Do you think its’ ever okay to paddle or hit a child?