Prince Louis Stole the Show for Queen’s Jubilee Family Balcony Appearance

Imagine being 4 years old and being front and center at a huge celebration you probably don’t really understand. Everyone is watching you; although, you may not realize it. You’re standing next to your family and staring at the sky. It gets loud. It gets boring. But this is special for your great-grandmother and your family. You have no choice but to be there. How do you react?

Maybe a lot like Prince Louis.

The 4-year-old Prince was standing right next to his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace while he and his family watched the flyover in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This is the first time there has ever been a Platinum Jubilee, which is a celebration in honor of the Queen’s historic 70 years on the throne.

Of course, Prince Louis can’t appreciate the significance of this day. He can’t appreciate the significance of this event. He looked like any 4-year-old might look while watching something he doesn’t quite understand in the same way the grown ups around him do.

In a video of the Queen watching the flyover, Louis completely stole the show. We should probably be watching the Queen’s reaction, but all we could see was Louis and how everyone around him reacted to his reactions. His mother, Kate Middleton, could be seen pointing at the sky and trying to show Louis what to look at. The Queen even pointed at the sky once to help her great-grandson know where to look.

At times, Louis seemed excited, but when the planes got too close, he covered his ears and looked entirely unhappy about the whole experience. Yet, when it was time to go back inside, he had to be coaxed by his mother.

Watch the video below to see Prince Louis completely upstage the Queen on the balcony appearance.