Prince Harry Has Arrived in the UK For Diana Statue Unveiling After Security Scare At LAX Delayed His Flight

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Prince Harry has recently flown to the U.K. for the second time this year. Just a couple months ago, he reunited with his family during the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip. The purpose of this second visit is to join his brother, Prince William, in the unveiling of a statue in honor of their mother, Princess Diana.

The statue of their mother will be unveiled on July 1st, which would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. The statue unveiling will take place at Diana’s former home, the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace.

Harry’s flight to the U.K. started out quite dramatically. His plane was scheduled to depart from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Thursday, but before the flight could take off, there was a security breach. Around 6pm local time, a car crashed into and broke through the barrier to the airport. The car ended up driving on the airport’s runway.

As a result of the security breach, two runways were briefly shut down. Approximately 10 police cars and a dozen police officers were at the scene, stopping the car from proceeding further.

Reportedly, the security breach was not related to Prince Harry’s flight. It was just inconvenient timing.

The American Airlines flight Prince Harry boarded was delayed as a result of the security breach, but it was able to depart about 45 minutes after the incident took place.

Now that Harry is safely back in the U.K., he is expected to self-quarantine at Frogmore Cottage for five days before reuniting with his family and unveiling the statue of his mother.