Prince Charles Tests Positive for Covid-19 Again Just 2 Days After Seeing the Queen

Inside Edition

It seems that there are many reports of breakthrough cases of Covid-19 infection. Many people who are fully vaccinated and boosted have tested positive for Covid-19 and even the British monarchy is not immune.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, are both fully vaccinated and have both gotten their booster shots. Regardless, on Thursday February 10, 2021, Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19.

His Office, Clarance House, released this official statement on behalf of the prince. “This morning The Prince of Wales has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now self-isolating.”

There has not been an update about Prince Charles’s symptoms or condition; however, there is one important fact that has been confirmed. Just two days before testing positive, Prince Charles visited his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

So far, the Queen has tested negative for Covid-19, but she is being carefully monitored. As the longest reigning monarch in British royalty and at the age of 95, her health is of the utmost importance.

It is not known if the Queen is fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Last year, she announced that she had received her first dose of the vaccine, but the palace is not releasing information about whether or not she received any more doses of the vaccine.

The Queen was advised to rest after it was discovered that her son tested positive for Covid-19. She did, but she did not develop any symptoms. It has been several days, and she is planning to return to her normal duties including multiple upcoming appearances in honor of 70 years on the throne.

On Thursday, the same day Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19, Camilla tested negative for Covid-19. She did not modify her schedule at all and attended all of her planned engagements.

Four days later, Camilla also tested positive for Covid-19. She immediately went into self-isolation. Clarence House released the following statement, “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall has tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating. We continue to follow government guidelines.”

This is not the first time that Prince Charles has tested positive for Covid-19. In March 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning, the prince tested positive for the first time. He considered himself “lucky” because his symptoms were relatively mild, and he made a full recovery.

Do you think the Queen will end up testing positive for Covid-19? Do you think Camilla should have followed the Queen’s lead and gone into self-isolation when Prince Charles tested positive, just as a precaution? Does it surprise you that so many fulled vaccinated and boosted people are testing positive for Covid-19?